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Dark Places

“I had always known that one day in my life I'd need to push my body to a dark place where it had never been before, and this was it!"

"I may not have been the winner but I took victory against myself, stretching my physical and mental limits further than I ever imagined."

"Holding on with James as much as I could until the last few kilometres where he pulled away, I dug deep and secured third. From only ever training up to around 4 miles then taking a podium finish in a 6mile obstacle event. And despite heavy cramps and large amounts of doubt I completed it again with the team moments after finishing the Elite Squadron race."

"Great sense of achievement, obliterating everything I thought I could achieve that day. It has proved to me how much we are actually capable of when we put our mind to it - I never thought I'd get a top 3 finish!”

- Chris Hesketh


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