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I was once in a place I wasn’t happy with, physically, mentally, socially, financially EVERYTHING. I drifted in and out of keeping fit and my diet had poor nutritional value. I lacked energy and motivation for most things – I was stuck in a rut. I was never obese but I was overweight and my body wasn’t optimal for success.

Was I in a place ready for action 24/7? Did I have an accountable reason to get out of bed while it was still dark?? If I faced an obstacle such as illness or accident was I the healthiest version of myself?? Did I hold the most mental and physical strength required to survive if the going got tough??? – NO!  

Something had to change.

In 2012 I decided to make that change, a change that could not be undone. I promised myself that I would continue to better myself until the day I die. This isn’t about spending your life in the gym, eating off a meal plan or having abs for Instagram, it’s understanding when you need to get your head down and make progress and its learning how to manage and deal with the daily choices we face to improve our lives. All the little investments we make add up and these aren’t just for yourself but for others around us; to live longer to provide and protect, to feel energised and grateful, to see our children grow up, to maximise our time and experience – our one chance we have on this planet.

Over the years, I have learnt many things and continue to develop my skills and knowledge base. I have far from completed my mission because when you understand there is no finish line you realise its something you have to do every single day.

I have wanted to share my experiences and raise awareness that you can actually change your life if you really want to so here I am – James Buck

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