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Six weeks ago I began a group training class @ Volt Gym in Burscough, Lancashire on Tuesday mornings. It has been rather popular, with a full house most weeks and positive feedback from everyone who's attended so far. The phrase "minging" was used - which makes me smile :) I now offer a repeat class in the evenings at 7pm for people who cant seem to get out of bed in the mornings...

'DEATH BY FITNESS' is designed to push your physical fitness to the next level by decreasing rest times between exercises using the "Death by" format where each minute you add a repetition, once you reach 'your' level there will be an easier option to keep the heart rate up. Participants start with a mobility section moving into a pulse raising warm up before commencing with the 20 minute "Death by" workout. There's an Ab Killer at the end followed by cool down and stretching specific to muscle groups used. All in just 45 minutes!

BOOK NOW! Please email or contact the Volt Gym directly on Facebook or Call 01704 893666 - See you there!

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