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Who do you train for?

Meet Warren!

A family man, father of three, busy career, he never stops. Not sure when he sleeps but he somehow he finds time to train for endurance events! He does these challenges to raise money for his Daughter Amelia’s School, which specialises in helping children with spectrum disorders.

I met him at Wrightington Gym a few years ago and he joined us in the Born Survivor in 2016 despite having a marathon the following day!!! It was an honour to have him on the team again last week.

This weekend Warren has completed back to back Windermere marathons; that's over 50 miles of hills in one weekend with respectable finish times. He has many more events lined up for the season including rather long swims.

Absolute heaps of time and respect for this man, completely selfless... He's one of those head down, zero moaning warriors. While everyone's chilling/complaining there's nothing on TV he will be the one found out running in the dark!

"Last year some of the funds raised were used to provide Amelia with specific Sensory Regulation Therapy which really is helping Amelia with her increasingly complex needs and I hope to raise money to do the same this year. - Warren Bullough"

Astley Park School, Chorley

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