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Social Media Hack!

Using the interwizzle to our advantage.

We all know there’s more haters on Facebook than friends, Instagram is full of fakes. I don’t care what you tweeted and nobody’s really bothered what’s going down on Snapchat apart from their own...

We voice our honest opinion and someone somewhere will accuse us of being negative, we post something positive and we’re bragging. Even worse we don’t post or engage with anything because we are scared what people might think, we become the silent assassin serving nobody.

Consider this, imagine if your social trail motivated someone to do something better in their life, whether it be health, fitness, family, hobbies or career. Imagine if they messaged you several months or years later to say they noticed your transformation or story and made some changes to their lifestyle and as a result the have lost weight or got their dream job or successfully quit a bad habit or stated something new they always wanted to. Imagine what that could do to your self-esteem, focus and motivation to push even harder in what it is your attempting to achieve yourself.

Yes, uploading a post run map or some nutritious food you’re eating or even adding a before and after photo of your progress will make you feel better about yourself. And sometimes telling your audience what you’re up to and what challenges you are facing may give you some extra accountability to get stuff done and succeed.

But underneath, to know we have helped another human being in the quest of life is more powerful than any Like, comment or share.

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