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My First Podcast

I was delighted to be interviewed by Dave Cottrell of CoFit Personal Training about my transformation and ongoing fitness journey. He stalked me on Instagram and was intrigued with what I was up to… After spending many years of my life scared to death speaking in front of an audience it was an awesome opportunity for me to face these fears and talk about my passion with no notes, prompts or fancy editing.

Regardless of the epic content we captured this was an enlightening experience and great achievement for me doing this recording in one take. It went so well we have already planned Part 2. In this one I share my story and ethos behind Buck's Army and where it came from. We also drop some valuable insights and top tips for people looking to improve their fitness and be more awesome in general.

Watch the entire raw unedited video on YouTube or listen it on the move through the following links depending on your smart phone or device:

If you do have time listen it please give it a like, commenr, share and review. It really means a lot to both me and Dave as we inend to do more of these in the future so any feedback is welcomed. Many thanks, James Buck

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